How to Draw and Animate Clothes - long sleeves. 2d Animation Study companion book

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The book contains Intensive notes and guidance on animating secondary action, follow through, drag and overlapping action. The 20 page animation book is dedicated to just one topic to maximise the learning process.

 It can be studied alone or in conjunction with the associated free video tutorial below. 

Combining the book and video together as you study will enable your learning capacity to reach its full potential.
Without dedicated visual aids such as video, Animation books written by even the most celebrated authors will only tap into a small portion of your learning experience. 

Books focus on the technical aspect and video the practical.
This method fuses both technical and practical aspects of learning animation and guarantees the level of professional understanding that Animation students can dream of attaining and only experienced professionals have access to

The Book is best utilised as a study supplement along with the video tutorial. In order to get the most benefit from your learning experience. Watch the video in stages whilst reading the various sections of the book that relate to each section in the video.

 A.M.B trained under a lead Bluth, Disney & Warner's Animator

He is working as an animation industry professional specialising in Animation direction and Storyboarding. He is now sharing this unique learning experience with you via especially designed study packs and books.

Get the book now and immediately start to learn animation the professional way!

Price £8

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The book is in PDF Format and you must have PDF reader such as Adobe Reader to read it.


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