Learn How to Animate The Professional Way

A Professional Animator's learning experience is maximised 
by combining the technical and practical processes.
The best animators have undergone professional training
as apprentices to master animators.

They are given scenes to study and work along with dedicated notes from their seniors.

A.M.B trained under a lead Bluth, Disney & Warner's Animator. 
He studied frames and original drawings of scenes from classic films such as
The Rescuers, Pocahontas, Hercules, Thumbelina and the Iron Giant.
All the scenes had notes written by the senior for the junior to focus attention towards.
A.M.B is now sharing this learning experience with you via
especially designed study packs

The Animation Study packs provide the self learner with the closest possible experience to that of being an animators apprentice.

How does it work?
When you study the A.M.B Animation packs you will acquire the technical know-how found in books whilst experiencing the practical process playing out before you.
When you trace and draw on top of the example whilst studying the associated notes you will experience the perfect syntheses of the technical and practical learning.

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Animator's Walk Cycle Kit Click here for details.

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Character Turnaround & Model Sheet Kit Click here for details

Turnaround Model Sheet Study Pack £24
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