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Master the Model Sheet and Turn your animated world around with the AMB Animation Academy Turnaround Study Pack. This Pack will give you the ability to refine the art of drawing the ultimate reference for character design and Animation. The Character Turnaround. Learning advanced animation techniques has never been quicker or simpler. Experienced London based animation artist A.M.B (Arshad Mirza Baig) shares his knowledge gained from 16 years of high end animation industry experience

The AMB turnaround study pack has been designed specifically to make the process of animating a character in 360 degrees completely clear to the individual of any level of experience. Hand Drawn animation is a process of combining a series of multiple line drawings with a purpose to create an illusion of a single solid 3d object. Ultimately it is a process of cheating the eye. In order to trick the eye into believing that each individual drawing represents one single solid character, the animator has to learn how to cheat the rules, naturally being fully aware of them beforehand.
The Turnaround study pack identifies all the tricks utilised by the animation expert to conjure up this incredibly convincing illusion of three dimensions. It is designed to fulfil the needs of a variety of animation based artists ranging from amateurs, college graduates, professional animators and members of the indiedev, gamedev and game design community. The turnaround features a cartoon character in construction form so that a clear understanding can be attained from the shape manipulation via drawing and construction. The animator’s notes are designed to be studied in accordance with the drawing elements and frames referred to within them. Flipping or scrubbing through the frames slowly and analysing the movement in accordance to the notes will provide a learning experience far beyond reading a book or watching a video

The inclusion of an in-between chart also gives users the option to attempt to recreate breakdown and in-between frames. This is also an invaluable method of learning how to animate and manipulate lines and shapes effectively in a manner far beyond that of the simple shape sliding, software dependent enthusiast.

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The study pack contains all 32 frames of the animation cycle with key frames, breakdowns and in-betweens clearly labelled. The frames can be imported into any software programme or printed out and taped onto paper for the more traditional user. Cross hairs have been placed on every frame to aid and assist with the proper alignment of each frame in such scenarios

This 32 frame Character Turnaround cycle is available to download and study. Each frame contains a variety of information covering different aspects of the animation process.

Turnaround Study Pack Contents

A PDF Instruction guide that covers the basic principles of creating a Character Turnaround and Model Sheet. Also contains detailed information about how to draw and read a traditional animation timing/spacing chart

A guide frame outlining the context of information given on each frame.

8 key frames – describing the name and purpose of the key pose with animator notes that outline the action of each moving element within the frame.

8 Breakdown frames with animator notes explaining the aspects of breaking the action down between the key frames.

16 In between frames to study in correspondence with the animators notes on the key and breakdown frames as well as the timing chart. Scrubbing or flipping back and forth between the key frames, in-betweens and breakdown drawings will help the beginner to visualise the motion at their own speed and analyse it in accordance to the animation notes.

Timing Chart Drawn on all key and Breakdown frames - This Character Turnaround cycle is animated on ones 24/25 fps. The timing chart is for those to study the time (frame number) and space between each frame. The spacing creates the illusion of weight and speed. The chart is also there for those who wish to practice their in-between skills or breakdown ability. Depending on level of experience the user will discard the in-between drawings supplied and attempt to follow the chart using only the key frames and breakdowns. If an even greater challenge is desired - try using only the key frames and making the breakdown drawings yourself and then doing the in-betweens. Instructions for reading the chart are supplied on a PDF within the download.

Alignment crosses drawn on each frame. The frames can be imported into any software or printed out and taped to paper for traditional practice. Crosses are placed on each frame to aid with aligning the frames correctly. Make sure that the crosses are in the exact same place on every sheet of paper or aligned in your chosen software when setting up to ensure a fluid and accurate motion.

Please note you will need a file extractor such as Winzip to unzip the contents of your package. The Chart instructions are in PDF Format and you must have PDF reader such as Adobe Reader to read them.
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+AMB Animation Academy just wanted to say thanks!, just bought the study pack..and it opened my eyes to a lot of things…I was definitely thinking way too literal when turning a caricature in space. cheating the perspective in a believable, but not necessarily logical way so that the illusion works…is definitely a separate art in itself..because there are an an unlimited number of ways you can cheat subtly, so it's all about the choices you want to make to sell the idea to the audience

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