You want to be able to animate
It may be because you have an amazing idea or story that you just have to share!
Or perhaps you love creating characters and desperately want to bring them to life.

You’ve loved cartoons and animation all your life and now you want to make it your life too.

Whatever the case, it's safe to say you want to learn to animate and that's why 
you're here now reading this…
Good for you because it proves that animation is not just a pastime or hobby in your eyes.
It's a dream that you want to make real
I can help you do this
Most people like to think they can work animating out all on their own.
They watch their favourite anime, movie or show and think that they can go away and recreate it after skipping through a few free video tutorials.
Good luck to them I truly hope they succeed.
But more often than not they get frustrated and give up thinking that they haven't got what it takes or that they're just not talented enough or whatever excuse is more comfortable than actually making a considerable effort a to learn the basics.
It's sounds harsh but it's true.
Animation requires a long term commitment and it is not easy to do. You know this too and that's why you have read this far.

The fact that you're here already separates you from most people looking for quick easy solutions.  You recognise that there is an opportunity for you to grow and more importantly you believe that you can do it otherwise you would have left this page by now.
My tutorials and products are designed for people like you
People who understand their potential and are willing to do what it takes to tap into it and accomplish their goals.
But I will not lie to you.
If you think that by simply downloading my tutorials and study guides, you will achieve your goals but you are not prepared to put in the essential work and effort that is required from you then please, don't get my stuff. Go to YouTube or some other social sharing site and spend the rest of your life picking up scraps from freebies. I can't help you and more importantly
Traditional animation is not for you.
I'm not here to make false promises and quick easy bucks. I care about animation and I care about my reputation I put in the work making the tutorials and study aids and I expect you to put in the work when using them.

So if you're passionate about your work and are dedicated to growth and you believe in yourself then none of my above statements should offend you

Because I'm not talking about you
 and I'd like to congratulate you on taking the right steps towards becoming the animator that you so justly deserve to be.

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