Saturday, 26 March 2016

Video: How to Draw a Pretty Cartoon Girl.

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This 1 hour 45 minute A.M.B Animation Academy video tutorial is presented in a step by step drawing process. Upon viewing you will learn how to capture the essence and feel from a face and interpret it into your very own character design

The video reveals professional techniques used by the character designer to interpret faces from photographic reference into a cartoon character design. The designers approach is very different from the art of caricature and focuses on capturing the essence and feel from the source material as opposed to creating an exact cartoon likeness.

The tutorial will demonstrate the significance of drawing in terms of definite shapes and refining them into simple and appealing combinations that will result into a successful character design. The character art is specially geared to illustration styles based around 2D hand drawn Animation. The example used is similar to that of the well-established and celebrated Disney Princess.

The tutorial demonstrates the evolution of the design process from initial rough sketches to working out a design then drawing a tie down to determine the fine line stage of clean up. Once the drawing is cleaned up it is then coloured via the process of digital painting.
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How to Draw squash and stretch animation

This tutorial demonstrates how to draw cartoon style squash and stretch on faces for character animation. I explain the difference between traditional animation and 2d animation done mainly in animation software. I show how to draw the face and what parts will be squashing and stretching and what parts will remain unchanged.

How to Animate Clothes (long sleeves) Animation Tutorial

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A.M.B Animation Academy Presents this traditional animation video tutorial on how to animate secondary action. Demonstrated as step by step drawing with an easy to draw construction method I guide the viewer through the process of drawing and animating an arm and then sketching clothing on top. Many students interested in how to draw cartoons have requested tutorials from me based on this topic and I have answered their call. I display the entire procedure of animating an arm and then sketching a loose sleeve on top of the rough drawings. I also explain the process of timing the 2d animation via the traditional method of drawing a spacing chart. It doesn’t matter if you want to learn how to draw anime or Disney these techniques are the foundations for all hand drawn 2d traditional animation styles.