Friday, 18 September 2015

Drawn 2D Animation Tutorial – How to do Character Animation Part 8

Before watching this tutorial it is strongly advised that you watch the previous parts of the tutorial in order to fully understand what is being taught in the above video

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Part 2 -
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This Drawn animation tutorial in real time is the Eighth in a series where I animate an entire scene. Using Adobe Flash CS6 and a Wacom Cintiq I show how to draw over the rough animation that I tied down in the second tutorial. I select the key and Break down drawings and start to draw in a more detailed version of the character over them. In this episode I finish the breaking down process between the key animation frames. I then adjust my finished frames in accordance to the timing of my initial rough drawings via the timeline. Once this is done I finalise the drawings by checking their relationship between one another and ironing out any errors and inconsistencies that may lead to problems when drawing the in-between frames the animation. I hope you find the tutorial and how to do video insightful. Below is the link to the FB Academy page. Please do join – and feel free to submit your work if you feel I can be of help! Twitter
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