Monday, 22 June 2015

Drawn 2d Animation Tutorial – Learn How to do Character Animation Part 1

Before watching this tutorial it is strongly advised that you watch these other two tutorials in order to fully understand what is being taught in the above video.
How to Time Keyframes
How to plan Animation

This Drawn animation tutorial in real time is the first in a series where I animate an entire scene.
Using Adobe Flash CS6 and a Wacom Cintiq I show how to draw pose to pose character animation by drawing thumbnail sketches. The sketch art is then blocked in as rough character animation. Once the poses are completed the key drawings are then broken down by adding break down drawings and some in-between drawings to aid the action. I finalise the tutorial by explaining how to time the rough drawings apart from one another by using a timing and spacing chart 
I hope you find the tutorial and how to do video insightful. Below is the link to the FB Academy page. Please do join – and feel free to submit your work if you feel I can be of help!

Facebook page

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