Monday, 25 August 2014

2d Animation Tutorial - How to draw Clean up animation

This video tutorial demonstrates the process of doing a final clean up artwork for hand drawn animation. Although I am drawing in Adobe Flash the process can be applied to any medium from drawing with pencil and paper or using a variety of software packages on the market. I take the viewer through the process of drawing a clean line version of a breakdown drawing in a sequence of keyframes. I outline the three stages of rough drawing and then tie down drawing and finally clean line drawing. I outline the issues associated with doing certain styles of drawing in software such as flash and emphasize on the whole process being that of refinement. And finally I stress the importance of line consistency through width and style - eg thick and thin. I hope you find it helpful!

2d Animation Tutorial - How to draw and animate Dialogue Mouth Shapes

This is the first in a planned series of animation tutorials on dialogue. This video focuses on how to draw the basic mouth shapes for simple and basic animation of when a character is talking. It is a step above limited flash animation as I demonstrate how to squash and stretch facial features in accordance to the dialogue mouth shape but is still a simple basic generic head with various drawn mouth shapes. The actual process of animating dialogue will be covered in follow up tutorials as this is a vast and complex subject matter. Ultimately this 2d drawn animation tutorial in real time outlines how to draw the major mouth shapes for the vowels and consonants as well as consonant digraphs. Dialogue is an essential part of character animation and understanding mouth shapes is the first stage of understanding how to animate dialogue

2d Animation Tutorial - How to Draw and Animate Head Angles

How to draw the face and head at different angles looking in different directions. Ever struggled with Drawing Tricky Head Angles and faces? This Tutorial outlines how to draw the head and face in various angles -- looking in different directions. The simple Head construction of A sphere and a flat Square shape representing a mask makes drawing the head and face in difficult angles a lot simpler. This method can be applied to all drawing styles but is particularly useful for hand drawn animation and is an effective simple construction technique for animating the head and face of a character.