Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Learn to Animate Walking 2d Animation tutorial - Walk Cycle

 In this 2d traditional character animation tutorial I animate a generic male character performing a basic walk cycle in real time. I explain what I believe to be the fundamental key frames and poses in establishing an effective walking action regardless of what type of character one is intending to animate. They are the Contact position - the Down - the passing position and finally the up. In the tutorial I illustrate that just by drawing these four essential poses the walk action will convey more weight and flow. Of course with added inbetweening and finalising the action will be stronger but as ever with my tutorials the intention is to inspire the beginner to go ahead and try without getting distracted by terminology such as 25 frames per second and flowing and smooth animation. Animation is a building process and the foundations must be strong in order for the result to stand tall and strong!

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