Tuesday, 15 April 2014

How to Animate Running 2D Animation tutorial - Run Cycle

 In this 2d traditional character animation tutorial I animate a generic male character performing a dynamic cartoon run cycle in real time. I explain what I believe to be the fundamental key frames and poses in establishing an effective running action regardless of what type of character one is intending to animate. Although in animation circles the run is widely considered to be a ‘fast walk’ I establish an additional pose that is not considered to be one of the essential key or breakdown frames in a walk. The walk consists of the Contact position - the Down - the passing position and finally the up. In this tutorial I cover those vital frames but make one additional pose called the push off. This pose is often the starting pose in many runs as it establishes the attitude of the character and adds personality into the running action. As with all my tutorials I establish the key and breakdown frames with minimal in-betweens to exemplify to the beginner that effective animation can be created with minimal drawing, thus encouraging them to try things out without having the fear of creating lots of drawings for smooth and flowing results. Of course with added in-betweens and finalising the action will be stronger but Animation is a building process and the foundations must be strong in order for the result to stand tall and strong!

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