Wednesday, 2 April 2014

2d Animation Tutorial - Drawing Key frames and Spacing Breakdowns

 In this 2d traditional drawn animation tutorial I explain about drawing effective key frames and breaking them down. I outline the vital element of spacing the drawings in order to attain more life and weight in the performance of basic character animation. Drawing upon a basic generic male cartoon character I establish the principles of overlapping action and anticipation as well as follow through. The character executes a simple pointing action and the real time tutorial illustrates that by staggering or offsetting various body parts the action will appear more naturalistic. As ever with my tutorials I only use a few in between drawings to illustrate to the beginner that animation is the laying out of major poses and breaking them down effectively. The process of inbetweening is more of a finalisation process that will build upon the essential framework. This tutorial acknowledges the importance of inbetweening by explaining the inbetween chart. I outline how to determine weather to place an in between drawing half way in between to key frames or a third of the way - touching on slowing in and slowing out.

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