Wednesday, 2 April 2014

2d Animation Tutorial - bouncing ball Follow through and Overlap action

 Animating a bouncing ball effectively is widely considered to be the basic fundamental element of understanding good character animation. The ball illustrates all the essential elements such as weight, timing spacing and the much talked about squash and stretch. In this 2d traditional hand drawn animation tutorial I illustrate how to animate a basic bouncing ball and then build upon it by introducing other animation essentials such as overlap and follow through. The tutorial illustrates that drawing ability is of minor significance when using a simple circle as the character and yet a lot of life and energy can be obtained in the animation. Hopefully the beginner will be inspired to have a try and have lots of fun in animating a bouncing ball!

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  1. I'm enjoying your tutorials! I am trying to get back into animation as I haven't animated since the early 1990's. I currently animate on paper but am curious as to what is your hardware I software setup? Thanks!