Saturday, 26 March 2016

Video: How to Draw a Pretty Cartoon Girl.

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This 1 hour 45 minute A.M.B Animation Academy video tutorial is presented in a step by step drawing process. Upon viewing you will learn how to capture the essence and feel from a face and interpret it into your very own character design

The video reveals professional techniques used by the character designer to interpret faces from photographic reference into a cartoon character design. The designers approach is very different from the art of caricature and focuses on capturing the essence and feel from the source material as opposed to creating an exact cartoon likeness.

The tutorial will demonstrate the significance of drawing in terms of definite shapes and refining them into simple and appealing combinations that will result into a successful character design. The character art is specially geared to illustration styles based around 2D hand drawn Animation. The example used is similar to that of the well-established and celebrated Disney Princess.

The tutorial demonstrates the evolution of the design process from initial rough sketches to working out a design then drawing a tie down to determine the fine line stage of clean up. Once the drawing is cleaned up it is then coloured via the process of digital painting.
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How to Draw squash and stretch animation

This tutorial demonstrates how to draw cartoon style squash and stretch on faces for character animation. I explain the difference between traditional animation and 2d animation done mainly in animation software. I show how to draw the face and what parts will be squashing and stretching and what parts will remain unchanged.

How to Animate Clothes (long sleeves) Animation Tutorial

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A.M.B Animation Academy Presents this traditional animation video tutorial on how to animate secondary action. Demonstrated as step by step drawing with an easy to draw construction method I guide the viewer through the process of drawing and animating an arm and then sketching clothing on top. Many students interested in how to draw cartoons have requested tutorials from me based on this topic and I have answered their call. I display the entire procedure of animating an arm and then sketching a loose sleeve on top of the rough drawings. I also explain the process of timing the 2d animation via the traditional method of drawing a spacing chart. It doesn’t matter if you want to learn how to draw anime or Disney these techniques are the foundations for all hand drawn 2d traditional animation styles.

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

2d Animation - Character Design -Turnaround - Study Guide

Master the Model Sheet and Turn your animated world around with the AMB Animation Academy Turnaround Study Pack. This Pack will give you the ability to refine the art of drawing the ultimate reference for character design and Animation. The Character Turnaround sheet. Learning advanced animation techniques has never been quicker or simpler. Experienced London based animation artist A.M.B (Arshad Mirza Baig) shares his knowledge gained from 16 years of high end animation industry experience.
The AMB turnaround tutorial study pack has been designed specifically to make the process of animating a character in 360 degrees completely clear to the individual of any level of experience. Hand Drawn animation is a process of combining a series of multiple line drawings with a purpose to create an illusion of a single solid 3d object. Ultimately it is a process of cheating the eye. In order to trick the eye into believing that each individual drawing represents one single solid character, the animator has to learn how to cheat the rules, naturally being fully aware of them beforehand. The Turnaround study pack identifies all the tricks utilised by the animation expert to conjure up this incredibly convincing illusion of three dimensions. It is designed to fulfil the needs of a variety of animation based artists ranging from amateurs, college graduates, professional animators and members of the indiedev, gamedev and game design community. The character turnaround features a cartoon character in construction form so that a clear understanding can be attained from the shape manipulation via drawing and construction. The animator’s notes are designed to be studied in accordance with the drawing elements and frames referred to within them. Flipping or scrubbing through the frames slowly and analysing the movement in accordance to the notes will provide a learning experience far beyond reading a book or watching a video animation tutorial. The inclusion of an in-between chart also gives users the option to attempt to recreate breakdown and in-between frames. This is also an invaluable method of learning how to draw, animate and manipulate lines and shapes effectively in a manner far beyond that of the simple shape sliding, software dependent enthusiast.
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Sunday, 27 September 2015

2d Animation - Walk Cycle - Study Guide

Download the Walk Cycle Animation Study Pack Here!

How To Animate a Walk cycle animation the professional way!
I have designed this fun walk cycle based on many messages and skype sessions received from a multitude of questioners ranging from amateurs, college graduates, professional animators and members of the indiedev , gamedev and game design community who understand basic walk actions but struggle at injecting fun and personality into them. The cycle features a cartoon character in its construction stage. This is so that a clear understanding can be gathered from the movement and shape manipulation via drawing and construction.

By downloading the walk cycle pack you’ll learn how to animate in a way beyond watching or reading. One of the most effective ways that I leaned animation was when I trained under a former Disney, Warner’s, and Bluth Animator. He would often give me piles of animation paper all with animation drawings and notes scribbled on them. I flipped through them, analysed the movement in accordance to the notes and then had a go at drawing in-between and breakdown frames. This process taught me more about animation in 3 days than the 3 years that I spent, wandering aimlessly in the dark at art school scratching my head in response to the rhetoric thrown at me from ill-informed and underdeveloped lecturers.

 By downloading the pack you benefit from an interactive form of learning in a manner that a book or video cannot provide. You also help to support A.M.B Animation Academy in continuing to produce high quality instructional content, lectures and tutorials that are widely available and accessible to users of all abilities and backgrounds.
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Friday, 25 September 2015

AMB Animation Academy Lecture - Art School worth it or not?

Above I answer a question put to me by an AMB Animation Academy Facebook member concerning the commonly asked question about the validity of attending art school or obtaining a college degree in art and design or animation in this day and age. I share my own experience as an example to my own personal conclusion in this matter but stress that one shoe size certainly does not fit all and that this is a question with no definitive answer. I also outline the fact that many people I have worked with in the industry have not attended any animation course or not even attained basic formal education. I hope you find the lecture, tutorial and how to do video insightful.

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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

AMB Animation Academy Lecture - Are you good enough?

Above I talk about the eternal struggle that every artist or indeed every human being has to endure throughout their life as they develop and grow. The struggle is the mental process of accepting the self as it is in order for growth in any desired area to proceed in a natural healthy and unstifled manner. All too often the elements of ego and acceptance battle for priority in the artist or animators mind set thus rendering them in that uncomfortable position of doubt and uncertainty which then leads to inevitable insecurity. The security of an artists mindset is commonplace in a vast and wonderous world where there is inspiration at every turn. It is important to acknowledge ourselves as part of that wonderous world and our art as an individual and unique expression within it that is beyond comparison. I hope you find the lecture, tutorial and how to do video insightful.

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